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Christine Watts


I was born in Adelaide, South Australia. Many childhood memories linger of playing in the sand on beaches, trips to outback Australia, a blue holden, really hot summer days eating home-made dried apricots and my Grandparents stone house with a scary shed out the back. This workshop was where my Grandpa created just about anything, from jewellery, to oil paintings and mulit-colored sand bottles. When Grandpa retired, he took the opportunity to learn many new things and develop his creativity. There was nothing he couldn’t turn his hand to. I remember a very old grape vine stretched from one part of the property to the other and each autumn he would prune this massive vine and take the cuttings to the Adelaide Zoo for the elephants.

In my heart, I know that my creative elements have been inspired and nurtured by my Grandpa particularly. Grandma is my guardian angel who is always around to encourage me to follow my heart and my dreams.

Speaking of dreams – I have long dreamt of writing and illustrating my own children’s books. As a primary teacher, I have an inherent love of literature and understand the power of books, words and illustrations. My heart really sings when children are immersed in the wonderful world of books, whether it is an imaginary or real life world.

Wombie the Wombat

Writing and illustrating children’s books is my absolute passion which formally began when my family found an orphaned baby wombat. I had already written several books, most of which included animals, however, I could not find the courage to put them to print, so I put them in the deepest, darkest draw that I could find. Every now and then, I would take a peek and make sure they had not magically been turned into a book by the angels.

THEN…… The universe sent an angel in the shape of a wombat.

I wrote and illustrated ONCE UPON A WOMBAT TIME as a result of finding a terrified baby wombat that had been left to die on the side of the road, after his mother had been run over and abandoned. (Her suffering was shocking, to say the least.) We brought a divine hissing ball of fur home and raised him so that this spring he will be released back to the bush where he belongs. (2011). (Far from cars and humans!)

Wombie, the star of my book ONCE UPON A WOMBAT TIME, touched my family deeply as we learnt how to care for one of mother nature’s divine creatures. So much so, that we are devoted to raising awareness about how people can help our native wildlife. We are now foster carers through the East Gippsland Wildlife Shelter and currently have Shrek and Fiona living with us, two more orphaned wombats, (whose mothers were both killed as a result of car accidents.)

As the author, illustrator and publisher, I have dedicated this book to the many volunteer wildlife carers who selflessly care for sick and injured native wildlife, that have for some reason or other, suffered at the hands of humans. (Road victims, fire victims and victims of in humane treatment.)

 Wombat on a Log

Children Create The World


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I run workshops in schools and with community groups to inspire people to become involved in caring for our wonderful wildlife . My workshops and talks help people of all ages to understand how they can be instrumental in the survival of our native wildlife and therefore their own home, Mother Earth. I also conduct needle felting workshops, (the medium I use to create illustrations), which is a beautiful form of artwork. In this way, I am able to encourage people to awaken to their own sense of connecting with nature so together we can all support Mother nature as she faces challenges.

Dry felting is a delightful form of artwork. In schools and workshops we create gorgeous craft items such as bookmarks, felt balls, little purses and illustrations. (In fact, many useful everyday items.)

The illustrations for my books are created using a wool backing, which is just like paper, except it is made from wool. The size of the “paper” is dependent on the purpose for which it is required. A sharp, barbed felting needle is used to attach the different colored and textured wools to the backing to form an illustration. The fleeces are layered over time to build a story on the paper. The end results are amazing – dry felting is a relatively simple, yet nurturing form of artwork, which adults and children alike enjoy immensely.

My books are proudly 100 % carbon neutral, (printed by Mystique Printing, Melbourne), thereby spreading the word that environmentally friendly printing is not only achievable, it is affordable.

Each of my books has an environmental theme which helps children connect with nature and their true essence. Wombie, the star of my book, ONCE UPON A WOMBAT TIME, taught my family many valuable lessons. By quietly watching Wombie live and play, he taught us to “live in the now.” He connected us with nature in a way that allowed us to see we must all learn to work with mother nature, not against her. In fact, we realized that nature is us, and our future. Most importantly, Wombie opened our hearts so that we could hear the messages of Mother Nature. By connecting with Mother Nature and our true essence, Wombie showed us how to follow our hearts and to once again follow our own intuition.


“Start writing a new chapter, for if you live by the book, you’ll never make history!“ Ben Sobel

Christine L Watts

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